Contact Details:

Westville Campus:
Tel: 031 260 3011

Pietermaritzburg Campus:
Tel: 033 260 5609


Area of Research


Artificial Intelligence

Financial Mathematics

  • Econometric and Statistical Applications
  • Differential Equations Approach


Prof. K Govinder

Dr K Arunakirinathar

Prof. M. Murray

Mathematical Biology

  • Population Based Disease Models
  • Individual Based Disease Models
  • Parameter Estimation and Identifiabilityof Model Parameters
  • Vector-Host-Pathogen interaction Systems
  • Within Host Disease-Immune System Interaction Dynamics
  • Compartmental Models
  • Computational Biology

Prof. K Govinder

Prof. H G Mwambi

Prof. H Murrell

Prof. J Banasiak

Dr F Chirove

Dr H Mambili-Mamboundou

Dr N Parumasur

Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Education

Prof. N Pillay

Mrs R Els

Prof D North

Prof. T Zewotir

Dr Paul Winter

Dr A Maharaj

Dr S Hansraj

Dr O K Narain

Mrs A E M Henning

Ms Heather Tarr

Ms A Desai

Mr J Ramjith

Theoretical Statistics and Probability

  • Stochastic Processes
  • Robust Estimation Theory
  • Theory of Probability

Prof. H G Mwambi

Prof. G Matthews

Prof. D North

Dr T Achia

Dr S Ramroop

Mr C-K Huang

Ms S Pitts

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