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Professor Temesgen Zewotir

Temesgen Zewotir    Temesgen Zewotir is a Professor of Applied Statistics. He has a keen interest in the abundant data that could help accelerate the development and refinement of basic research and theories. He has interacted with, guided and consulted a number of postgraduate students, researchers, and practitioners in agriculture, business, life sciences, education, health, medicine, economics, management and social sciences. This experience and interaction reaffirmed and strengthened his approach to working with real datasets, hidden in their complexity, which hold important truths waiting to be discovered.

He has authored over 80 research articles in accredited peer reviewed journals. He has successfully supervised 9 doctoral dissertations and 18 masters theses. He is NRF rated researcher.
He is passionate about teaching statistics and believes that statistical knowledge is essential for all citizens in today‚Äôs quantitative information world. Prof Zewotir is a member of International Biometric Society. He is a KwaZulu-Natal chapter chair of the South African Statistical Association. He is international advisory boardmember of Integrated Demographic and Health Series (IDHS). 
 Position:   Professor
Qualifications:   PhD Statistics , University of the Witwatersrand
MSc Statistics , Addis Ababa University
BSc Honors (with distinction), Asmara University
Telephone:   031 260 7919
Recent Publications:   Hendry M G, Zewotir T, Naidoo N R and North D (2017). The effect of the mechanism and amount of missingness on subset correspondence analysis. Communications in Statistics-Simulation and Computation in press. Available at

Naidoo L M, North D, Zewotir T and Arnab R (2017). Remainder modified systematic sampling in the presence of linear trend. Communications in Statistics-Theory and Methods, in press.

Mellese, S F and Zewotir T (2017). Comparison of two nonlinear curves to study the stem radial growth of eucalyptus tree. Baltic Forestry 23 (2): 438-448. Available at

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