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Professor Delia North

Delia North
  Professor Delia North is currently the Dean & Head of School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science. She has over 25 years’ experience in the teaching and design of Statistics curricula at university.

Her passion for teaching Statistics has resulted in her becoming a leading figure in South African Statistics Education circles, evidenced by being Theme Chair, Topic Chair, Session Organizer and Guest Speaker at various international conferences on Statistics Education.

She is a member of the South African Statistical Association (SASA) executive committee, chairs the SASA Education Committee and is on a Council member of the International Statistical Association.
Quote:   "If your mind set is to be happy and appreciate the moment you are in, then a reason will always come along!"
  Associate Professor
  PhD (Probability Theory)
Masters (Probability Theory)
Honours (Mathematical Satistics)
BSc (Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics)
  South African Statistical Association (SASA) and International Statistical Association
  031 260 1022
Recent Publications:   Arnab, R. and North, D. (2012). An appraisal of household income and expenditure survey design. Pakistan Journal of Statistics, 28 (4), 423 - 436.

Arnab, R., Singh, S. and North, D. Use of two decks of cards in randomized response techniques for complex survey designs. (2012). Communications in Statistics – Theory and Methods, 41, 3198 - 3210.

North,D., Zewotir, T and Murray, M. (2012). Modeling Research Productivity Using a Generalization of the Ordered Logistic Regression Model. Alternation, 19 (2), 94 – 111.

Zewotir, T., & North, D. (2011). Opportunities and challenges for statistics education in South Africa. Pythagoras, 32(2), Art. #28, 5 pages.

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